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To Complete

Click on the appropriate blue hyperlink, and then you will be directed to the online pdf viewer. You can complete the form by filling it in directly into this viewer. However, if your web browser does not allow for online completion please follow the “to download” instructions below.

To Download

Click on the appropriate blue hyperlink to download from the pdf viewer
OR, right-click on the appropriate blue hyperlink and then select “save as”.

Once downloaded

The following forms MUST be filled/completed online before being printed; once opened you can type directly onto the document fields. Forms completed by hand will not be accepted.

Once Completed

Upon completion please drop the forms off in the letterbox found outside the Executive Board Office, located in block A of the library.



Event Requisition Form | ExecBoard – Event Req Form
Event Requisition forms must be submitted two weeks in advance of your event.


Financial Assist. Requisition Form | ExecBoard – Finance Req Form
Financial Requisition forms must be submitted two weeks in advance of your expected reimbursement. All financial requirements for your event must be approved by the Executive Board Treasurer before the actual use of your club funds.  After you have received preliminary approval, receipts must be attached to the submitted form in order for reimbursement checks to be issued.


Tech & Classroom Requisition Form | ExecBoard – Tech & Class Req Form
This form MUST be submitted alongside an Event Requisition Form. Tech & Classroom Requisition forms must also be submitted two weeks in advance of your event.


Community Outreach Permission Form | Community Outreach Committee – Application
This form is intended to be used by student groups desirous of attending or hosting a community outreach event. This form should be filled out and submitted to the Community Outreach Committee Secretary via email  or by hard copy for approval by the committee. THE COMMUNITY OUTREACH COMMITTEE MEETS THE FIRST FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH. PLEASE SUBMIT THIS COMPLETED FORM ONE (1) WEEK PRIOR TO THIS MEETING.



Semesterly Club Renewal Form | ExecBoard – Club Renewal Application
All clubs are required to submit a Renewal Form at the beginning of every semester with their newly elected executive board members. Renewal forms must be submitted by the second SGA General Body Meeting.


New Club Application | ExecBoard – New Club Application
All prospective clubs must submit this form to the SGA Executive Board at an SGA General Body Meeting to seek approval. Please inform a member of the Executive Board of your intent to propose a new club before the start of the meeting.

American University of Antigue – Student Government Association Constitution and Bylays | The Constitution and Bylaws



Enforced by Nicole Lopez-Perez – Sergeant at Arms | Spring 2016 Executive Board

Created by Shoban Jayamohan | Fall 2015 Executive Board