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Honor is an important component of any successful and responsible doctor.  AUA is a young institution that has yet to clearly establish its honor culture. We are a group of students initiating the process of creating an honor code and the judiciary process to support it, in hopes of addressing this need in our community.

This may seem like a longwinded aspiration, but the transition is beginning now. We are a group of 5 students from various semesters and need other interested and passionate students to fill in our shoes and continue on the path to seeing this endeavor become realized. We’ll have SGA Honor Representatives from each class elected with the other SGA positions this semester. Those SGA Honor Representatives will work intimately with us and provide a representative opinion of the AUA student body to ensure these documents are as efficient and thorough as possible. This movement is completely student run and has full faculty and administrative support. However, participation won’t be limited to those elected to the official SGA positions; we are encouraging an open discussion of what we, as AUA community members, consider honorable behavior and how we feel we can best cultivate that kind of culture. We want to make sure that this Honor Code and Judicial Review Process is appropriate for our community here at AUA; that it will allow us to strive more towards creating the honorable and respectable professional environment expected from an institution cultivating future physicians.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we’ve been working on, where we are now, and what AUA should expect in the near future please feel free to contact us at

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