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We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the content of important documents like the AUA Honor Code Pledge and the Student Handbook. Please take time to explore the site as it provides you with most of the information you need!

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The links below may be used as a guide to make your life on the island much easier:

Tips for Success

Emergency Services

Hurricane Information Sheet

Global Emergency Services – United Health Care

Required Dress for Classes

Medical Instruments Required

Community Outreach

Student Services Important Information


Lock out and Let ins

Passport Reminder

Parking Rules and Guidelines

Lowger Taxi Advertisment


There are several banks available on island with ATM machines strategically posted in various areas. Scotia Bank, ECAB and ABIB representatives are usually available during orientation to assist you. Should you wish to open an account here, you will need your passport as well as a letter from the school confirming that you are a student at AUA.    This can be obtained from the school at registration.

ScotiaBank- Banking Services (ATM available on campus)

ABIB – Banking Services (ATM available on campus)

ECAB – Banking Services

Caribbean Union Bank (CUB) (ATM available on campus)

Royal Bank (RBC)

Antigua Commercial Bank (ACB)

First Caribbean International Bank

***ATMs are also available at the Epicurean Supermarket and bank locations

*** There are also Money Transfer Services available on the island (Western Union, Moneygram, Laparkan Trading) where you can have money wired to you or where you can wire money.



Having a local cell phone is recommended! Cingular, T mobile, Nextel, Verizon, etc. services are not offered on the island. Cell phone provider details are available below. They offer pre-paid as well as post-paid plans. The post-paid plan is slightly more expensive than the pre-paid, and the rate for a pre-paid plan is approximately .70 cents (EC) per minute locally and 1EC per minute internationally. The post-paid plans are slightly more economical.

Both companies offer SIM cards for about 50 EC. Should you have an unlocked phone, you can purchase a SIM card only, minutes and be ready to call home. If your phone is locked, you have two options – you can either go into St. John’s and get your phone unlocked (Make enquiries with the LIME or Digicel representative during registration or visit the local office(s) in St. John’s.  You may also purchase a basic phone from either provider  at approximately 100 EC or more depending on the phone you get).

Once you are ready to get Internet access, go to Radio Shack, located next to Epicurean. Internet is offered through Cable and Wireless and is wireless. A wireless card can be purchased month to month or for a few months in advance. Buying a card for a full four months is more economically friendly than month to month. There are several different standards of plans. (Make enquiries with the LIME or Digicel representative during registration or visit the local office(s) in St. John’s)


ACT-WiMax Internet Service

Digicel – Internet & Mobile Services

LIME – Internet & Mobile Services

Groceries can be purchased from any of the local supermarkets or fresh fruits and vegetables from the public market in St. John’s. The best days to shop at Epicurean are Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesdays (restocking days). Epicurean provides most of the things you would miss from home, but should something not be available, you can always find a manager and ask him whether or not this food is orderable from the states. Most store take major credit/debit cards but will require a government issued photo identification to confirm your identity and your signature will also be required. The identifying number will be written on your receipt and the last 4 digits of the credit/debit card number will be printed. ***If discarding the receipt be sure to shred it very carefully.

GROCERIES (listing available for download)

Need an academic break or too busy to cook? Order Take out / go for a day/night out on the town! Antigua is filled with places to go when you need an outlet from the stresses of studying. Below are just a few of the fun places Antigua has where students can go for the true Caribbean experience!




If additional assistance is required while on the island; shipping, brokerage, housekeeping, laundry services, etc. please feel to contact Concierge Management 268 (CM268 Request Form)

Check the local directory listing or call (411)for directory assistance.


Now the fun begins. Remember, with hard work ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!