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AUA Student Honor Code Pledge

AUA Student Honor Code Pledge


I publicly accept the responsibilities of a physician in training.

I will conduct myself with honor, integrity, and moral fortitude; and I will act with compassion, patience, and goodwill to all humans, as these values are the foundation of the medical profession.

I will not compromise my honesty or the integrity of the American University of Antigua medical school community by participating in disruptive behavior, plagiarism or cheating.

I will represent myself and my community even outside the confines of campus grounds. I will represent AUA with honor, including all those who came before me, and those who will come after me.

I understand to become a physician demands both academic and personal growth. I pledge to pursue them both diligently for the sake of my patients’ well being.

I will always present myself in a manner befitting a medical student, keeping the highest standards of hygiene, dress, punctuality and manner of speaking.

I will value and show respect to all the members of the AUA community, teachers, staff and students alike.

I will respect the human bodies made available for my anatomical education, in addition to all resources provided to me by my institution.

As I accept these responsibilities I will remember to maintain my own health and well-being as well as those of my colleagues.

I will not discriminate against my patients based on their beliefs, cultures or experiences. I will value their diversity and maintain confidentiality. I respect their rights to privacy and autonomy.

With awareness to my own limitations and those of medicine, I commit to the lifelong journey of learning how to comfort, relieve and cure with compassion.

I will always seek to improve in my practices through clinical experiences, advancements in scientific knowledge, and self- enrichment through reading.

I understand the significance of this pledge as I take my first steps into a profession that is a source of hope, life, and wisdom. As I accept and agree to this pledge, may honor guide my path in every decision that I take as a Medical Student at AUA.

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