Student Government Association



1. Promote sportsmanship 2. Provide instructional tennis lessons 3. Promote healthy athletic lifestyle 4. Create enthusiastic participation in the sport of Tennis at AUA and AICASA.

Mission Statement:
AUA Tennis club is committed to furthering both student and faculty enthusiastic participation in the sport of tennis. Promotion of sportsmanship and implementation of a healthy athletic lifestyle, are two principles that are heavily accentuated. Furthermore, the AUA tennis club is committed to hosting tennis tournaments for the student body and faculty as well as instructional tennis lessons for novice individuals.

Executive Board (Fall 2014):
President: Neal Trivedi
Vice-President: Steven Gitarts
Secretary: Anureet Gill
Treasurer: Vincent Lopez
Events Coordinator: Arin Kulshi

Events (Fall 2014):

Doubles Tournament: Saturday, September 27th 

Singles Tournament: TBD