Student Government Association

Frequently Asked Questions

My loan hasn’t come through, what do I do?

If your loan has not come in by the time you reach Antigua, do not worry! AUA’s registration policy allows you a conditional registration so that you can have a fifteen day grace period in which time you can sort out your loan situation. The most important thing is to speak with the financial aid office to find out what you need to do to get your loan as soon as possible. Try to get in contact with Lynisse Pimental (at 877-666-9485 ext. 158 or 212-661-8899 ext 158 or via e-mail (; a financial aid representative who is very involved in this process.


Cell phones here are too expensive to make international calls, what can I do?

Many students opt to download Skype ($0.02 per minute) or to use voice over IP products like Vonage ($24.99/month for unlimited plan) or Magic Jack ($24.99/year for unlimited plan) in order to call home. WhatsApp, Viber & Google Voice can also be used. All of them have affordable plans and rates that allow you to call home with ease.

***Keep in mind that MagicJack does not work on school grounds at the present time.


I don’t like my housing – what can I do?

Should you be dissatisfied with housing, you can request to be moved out. Housing puts a housing freeze in place for the first 15 days while the registration process is completed. Speak to Pat Ho from student services to voice any concerns you may have (268-764-0417).


The bus hasn’t come yet, who can I call?

If the bus is running late, or has not come, call Linden (who runs his own cab service and is in charge of the bus service) at 268-774-4852. He will be able to coordinate with the bus driver to see where the bus is and what time you will be picked up.


How can I check my e-mail address?

Go to  A pop-up will prompt you for a user name and password. The username is your school email address and the password is your student ID number which should have been issued on registration.


If I am experiencing any IT related issues who should I contact?

IT Helpdesk – 494-8900 Ext 1195


How can I check my attendance?

Your attendance calculation and percentage will vary by class. Whichever method the department uses, either percentage or TurningPoint points, will be clearly displayed under the grades section of your individual course in BlackBoard.


How can I check my grades?

Visit BlackBoard, and click the individual course you are interested in. Click the “My Grades” section on the left margin.  You will see all data related to that course. If there are any discrepancies, please contact the faculty assistant for the respective department.


 Lost Clicker?

Visit the Help Desk IMMEDIATELY. Clickers remain the property of MEA and must be returned at the end of your studies on the island, therefore you will be charged a fee for the clicker you lost. Attempting to use another clicker or to register another clicker in your name may result in disciplinary action.


I need to have a mail or package shipped to me what address do I use?


c/o American University of Antigua – College of Medicine

University Park, Jabberwock


PO Box W1451

Antigua & Barbuda


Telephone #: (268)484-8900


What is required to uplift my package from the general post office?

Your passport and the parcel post notification received from the courtesy desk (Main Lobby – AUA)


I am expecting a care package from overseas, who can assist me with customs clearing and delivery to my apartment?

Full auxiliary services can be provided by Concierge Management 268 (CM268 Request Form), Check the local directory listing or call (411) for directory assistance.


What is required if I need to obtain a local police record for ICM?

A valid passport, 2 passport size photos and $ec10.00.

Please note that an appointment has to be made (in person) at the St. John’s Police Station on Newgate Street, St. John’s. *** Appointment tickets are issued at approximately 7:00am (Monday – Friday) to the first 55 persons.